8 Fascinating Facts About the Marilyn Monroe Collection

Bésame has recreated Marilyn Monroe’s makeup. For one of the most iconic women in history, Gabriela put in some special touches for this Iconic Women collection.

Read on to find out all the amazing details of the Marilyn Monroe Collection.

Based on Marilyn Monroe’s Real Makeup

This collection wasn’t simply inspired by Marilyn’s favorite makeup items, we’ve recreated actual items she owned. The black and gold compact is the exact same design from Marilyn’s personal collection. The lipstick case is a very close replica to one of Marilyn’s go-to lipsticks. 

Nearly Forgotten Products from History

Cream White Highlighter isn’t the first product we reach for on our modern vanities. But this cream highlight was one of Marilyn’s most versatile makeup items. She used it as an eyeshadow primer and to highlight her cheekbones, lips, and sometimes even her forehead! 

This type of highlight was common on film sets in the Golden Age of Hollywood, so Gabriela decided to bring it back for this iconic collection.

Even the Box is Exquisite

Marilyn’s Cosmetic Valet Case is an extremely limited item and every piece is exquisite. Even the box! The outer case is made from sapele mahogany. Known for its beautiful reddish color and incredible strength, Gabriela designed this gorgeous wooden case exclusively for this limited collection. 

The black piano finish with gold detailing make this case the epitome of elegance. Her golden signature is embedded on the top high gloss varnish. Complete with velvet interior and gold plated clasps, this keepsake item allows you to treasure your collection in a case as lovely as the makeup itself.

Signed By Marilyn

All the items in this collection come adorned with Marilyn Monroe’s signature. It adds a personal touch to the glamorous makeup set.

Swarovskis Are A Girl’s Best Friend

To add some added glamour and sparkle to the collection, the compact and lipstick case are both garnished with Swarovski crystals. It might not be diamonds, but it’s the next best thing.

Covered In Gold

From the clasp on the valet case to the compact itself, the Marilyn Collection is literally covered in gold. The refillable compact is made from a sturdy metal based, then plated with gold for a tarnish-proof finish. 

Based on Marilyn’s Favorite Colors

Using film footage and real makeup items from Marilyn’s personal collection, Gabriela created near exact matches for this collection. From the eyeshadows to the lip gloss, each color is period accurate. Red Hot Red is based on her look from Some Like It Hot, Carnation Red is based on many of her 1950s appearances, and Misty Coral is a match for her early 1960s films. 

Designed to Give You the Marilyn Look

With the complete Marilyn Monroe Collection, Gabriela carefully chose every item so anyone could replicate her signature look. You get every eye pencil, lip color, gloss, highlight and lashes you need to relieve the Marilyn glamour anytime you want. Want to replicate her look exactly? Check out our Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial.

No other Monroe collection is as thorough and accurate. A timeless collection for a timeless icon.


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