[Ad-Gifted] Payot’s Baume De Douche Réconfortant 2-in-1 cleansing & nourishing shower balm

Payot Bodycare

Since I first started to discover Payot  last year when I tried the Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-on I’ve found that I’ve loved all the Payot products I’ve tried. They’re effective as well as aesthetically pleasing which are two of my top criteria for continuing to use and feature brands on my blog.

This year Payot are celebrating their 100 year anniversary  and I’ve been trialling two products from their newly revamped, renamed and rebranded Ritual Body range.  The revamped collection, formerly known as Payot’s Le Corps family retains the previous high standard of products which are now contained in a soft pink format. The collection covers  all your entire skincare needs.

Payot Rituel Corps Baume de Douche Recnfortant

First the Payot Rituel Corps Baume de Douche Reconfortant. This is nourishing cleansing care with multi-flower honey extract. It’s essentially an in-shower product that’s indulgent, sensual and smells divine. It’s suitable for all skin types and comes in the form of a shimmery pink balm that transforms to a rich lather. Its micellar formula means that it can deep clean as it nourishes. Personally, I don’t have the luxury of a bath in my small apartment so its important to me that my shower products go some way to meeting my needs for luxurious relaxation without the time to soak by candlelight. So, I’m loving this.

Payot Corps Soin Ensoleillant Elixir

The second product I’ve been trialling is the Payot Corps Soin Ensoleillant Élixir. This is a little out of my comfort zone as it a gradual enhancing glow lotion. From experience, I’ve never got on well with any self tanning product however gradual it’s effect. Streaking, orange colour and nasty smells have always been a part of my experience and each time I try them I say “never again”. Still I figured that I didn’t have much to lose – several weeks in lock down would mean that even if the results were horrendous no one would get to see them and then if they were good I would be well on the way to preparing for getting my legs out from under jeans or tights ready for sunny days ahead.

The blurb on the tube says that it enhances the skin’s natural tan and creates an even result – it also promises lasting hydration. I tried it out from the knees down – the driest part of my legs and also not wanting to waste the whole tube on a vast expanse of thigh that rarely sees light. I expected to see a line around my knees or streaking or staining around my heels. But no, after one use I couldn’t see any tan as such but rather my skin just looked glowy and hydrated. Now, I must confess that I didn’t continue to use the lotion to attain the full effect because I want to use it when I can actually go outside properly in a dress – so I’m waiting for some signs of lock down easing for that.

Now the only thing I need to tell you is that I currently can’t find the new range anywhere – and I’m guessing that’s because the launch and production has been delayed due to the crisis. Still, I’m hopeful that they will be available soon and you’ll get the chance to experience them. Here’s where you will be able to find other Payot products now and where the new range should appear soon. https://www.payot.com/GB/en and Beauty Things 


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