Cool Sculpting Facial and Body Massage: Detox and Smooth with Selfkaire Kairetool

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Cool Sculpting Facial and Body Massage: Detox and Smooth with Selfkaire Kairetool

I absolutely love the Kairetool Did by Selfkaire! I am in the midst of learning about the effects of Energy Healing and the power of connecting with your energy flow and stimulating massage and activating pressure points and meridians in your body is a key part of this practice. The Kairetool is a highly effective tool for activating these key areas and increasing your energy flow and vitality through throughout your entire body! I am just loving this Kairetool for use on my face but also for use on my body as part of my Daily Energy Routine! :)

While I have never tried cool sculpting, this tool is said to have similar results and can be done at-home for a fraction of the cost!

What is the Kairetool Dia by Selfkaire:

Selfkaire has a few styles of tools available. They even have tools with crystals! I want to try a crystal one next!!! I love using crystals for healing!

For this review, I was able to try out the Kairetool Dia. It is beautiful! There is no question this is a high quality took. It comes beautifully boxed. It is weighty if feel and is very cool to the touch. The design of the tool makes it easy to hold and manipulate.

It is a surgical-grade steel at-home tool, which is dual-sided with acupressure pins to target deep tissue. It can also be flipped over to use like a traditional facial roller to pat in skincare on both the face and body!

Here’s more information from Selfkaire about the tool and what it can do:

Daily use can help:

  • Improve appearance of elasticity of the skin 
  • Support circulation & lymphatic drainage 
  • Ease muscle tension for face and body 
  • Fully detox deep tissue (popularized juice cleanses can’t)
Flip over to crystal/rounded side to help: 

  • Reduce appearance of puffiness & fine lines 
  • Pat in skincare to enhance absorption
Tips to get the most out of your Kairetool:
Here are some great tips that I learned while using the Kairetool:
  • You can either use this directly on your bare skin or you can use over clothing. 
  • For skincare, you can use it anytime in the day you feel like you need revitalization to a facial area or you can use after applying your skincare products to massage in products (like how you would use a stone roller tool). 
  • For extra sensation and benefit, you can put in the fridge for a super cool feel to your Kairetool!
Overall, I absolutely love this Kairetool! Actually, I want to get another one (like a crystal one) as I would like to have them all over my house, in handbag, etc. That way, I will use it even more often! I feel like these massage points can be targeted throughout the day for maximum results for circulation, vitality, healing, and renewal of your skin and body! 
Plus, Kairetool offers a 90-day satisfaction guarentee and a lifetime warranty. So, there really is no risk with trying this item out! It is expensive. However, you can tell by the feel and design of this product that it is a very high quality tool that should last indefinately! Right now, the crystal tools are 25% off for Mothers Day on the website! :) 

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