How To Extract Your Own Palm Kernel Oil At Home For Anti Aging and Smoother Skin

how to extract kernel oil for skin care

Hey ladies, I got  a secret for you black Queens!! We all know that science has proven over and over about the values of Palm kernel oil, especially to the woman. Palm kernel oil is the best anti aging agent, it is also the only oil that can keep your skin smooth without the common greasiness associated with oil. Now if you are ever worried about your skin, or you have made use of a bad organic cream that caused a bad reaction on your skin. Or you are worried about your momma’s skin and do not know the ideal lotion to get her. Then worry not, let’s kill two birds or even more with one catapult shoot!!!
If you have ever thought about how our mothers from the old, before the coming of the white men was able to maintain a shiny rich black skin as written in reports made by the missionaries and colonialists, then here it is; All they used was palm kernel oil. 
Most times you or your mom might have prepped ofe akwu  and you disposed the kernels thereafter, but i will show you how you can extract the precious oils from that kernel and use it to distinct your skin from the crowd.  
How To Extract Kernel Oil:

Palm kernel oil is made from the kernel of palm tree (Elaeis guinensis).  It is very easy to make. The homemade kernel oil is always blackish in color. There is a difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil. Palm oil is gotten from the fruits of palm tree while palm kernel is gotten from the kernel of palm tree.

Here are the simple steps for making palm kernel oil at home

  • Crack  the kernel with a stone to get to
    the nuts inside. You can also purchase one that has already been shelled already.
  • After shelling or if you bought already shelled one, place the pot on medium
    heat and turn the kernel nuts into the pot.
  •  Gently use spoon to stir the kernel.( just like you roast groundnut)
    Keep stirring until the  oil starts coming out.
  • When the oil is completely
    extracted, the kernel will become very black
  • Use a strainer to separate
    the oil from the kernel and turn into a container for use.
Simple? Don’t thank me yet.
Now you have your fresh kernel oil extract, what do you need to do with it? Smells excellent!!
Next post I will talk about her to refine your kernel oil, mix additives to attain greater result. But yet, you could use what you already have to care for your skin or that of your mom.
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