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I was inspired by my Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Eyeshadow Palette to compile my most worn rose and rose gold earrings to share with you, since I get asked about the brands and styles I wear often.  My current favorite? These gorgeous vermeil Large Connection Earring Hoops by Au-Rate.

I almost exclusively don earrings since my tiny fingers are a size 4.25 to 4.5, making most rings impossible for me to wear, and necklaces tend to irritate my neck and get caught in clothing.  Hence, I consider earrings easy and low maintenance and accentuate my makeup as much as my clothing does  case in point, the Pillowtalk palette on my eyes in the photo above. I’ll share my other favorite earrings after the jump!

Earrings not only make me feel appropriate accessorized and pretty, they can also create the illusion of a slimmer smaller face. The four styles here are tried and true, functioning like pick-me-ups on days when I feel lackluster and spice up my mood.

Let’s start with the discontinued fringe earrings which are from BaubleBar.  I find their vast selection of covetable designs largely inspired by luxury brands quite commendable, and I stalk their sales for all the longer length styles.  BaubleBar makes a beaded fringe style that I adore too, which you can find in the carousel at the end of this post.  I believe I paid about $50 for these rose gold fringed earrings, and I wear them more often than I expected to.  The fringe quality could be improved but this style is supremely lightweight and especially photogenic!

Now, I do have a small collection of Chanel costume jewelry, most of which are studs to add the elements of texture and shape.  I tend to wear all the gold and rhinestone combinations more than the other styles since they are considered classic and match essentially every outfit.  I do enjoy wearing smaller non-logo studs like those from Kendra Scott, which you can see in the carousel before.

If your preference is fine jewelry, I highly recommend checking out Au-Rate.  This brand offers an impressive variety of lengths and styles in earrings  plus the option of purchasing one earring or a pair  making it a very unique shopping experience.  It’s similar in concept to shopping for body jewelry!  The large connecting hoops I chose have a spinning element which I find rather alluring.  There are no embellishments but they shimmer and glimmer as they move.  A bit rebellious but ladylike and feminine style, perfect for me.  I get compliments every time I wear them!

Last are my Kendra Scott Circe Drop Earrings which are the ideal size for day or night.  They’re a touch formal with the bubbly paveé but not too sparkly or obvious to wear with a blouse and jeans and sandals.  The glass stones are right on trend with the translucent heels this summer that I, too, can’t help but love.  These earrings are comfortable and the glass stones reflect light beautifully.

Please let me know if you’d like to see more jewelry posts.  Some of the styles below are on my own wishlist, but feel free to browse through my other favorites and seasonal picks!

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