Lavender Bakery Garlic Cream Cheese Bun Review

Garlic Cream Cheese Bun
image source: Lavender Bakery
Today I went to my favorite bakery in 1 Utama to get my usual Toffee Danish (it’s heavenly with coffee) and saw something different. The popular Korean street food O_O Garlic Cream Cheese Bun! But truthfully, I didn’t even know it’s from Korea (LOL). I only knew about this delicious, sinful bread from AEON’s LaBoheme which is so addictive! (I try to avoid buying this because one bite and you’re hooked).

So Lavender’s pretty small, the size of your palm only and it’s priced at RM4.20. Quite a cute size but AEON’s is much more value. I thought maybe the ingredients are more premium, so I bought it, went home to enjoy this new treasure. One bite and…

Immediately, all hope died. This was the worst bun I’ve ever eaten. The bun is so tough to eat, lucky I still have my teeth. I don’t think elderly people can even chew this bun, it’s just really tough. I am so disappointed at Lavender for this. Did they quality check this before selling?

Or maybe I was unlucky to have bought one weird bun.

P.S: Manglish version of me talking.

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