– This post contains sponsored content – Mother’s Day is right around the corner but so is so many other gifting opportunities from birthdays to anniversaries and all that’s in-between. With the beauty sector being closed for the best part of a year due to current restrictions, I think we all would welcome a little at-home pampering session and my favourite hand and foot care brand, Margaret Dabbs London, couldn’t have made this easier nor more luxurious with two glorious gift sets to select from.

If you aren’t already familiar with Margaret Dabbs London you are in for a treat. One of their claims to fame is being pioneers of the Medical Pedicures. Promise me one thing – once lockdown restrictions lift, that you’ll look into a Margaret Dabbs London pedicure? When I say it is life changing, I mean that with not as much as a smidgen of over exaggeration. It’s been a year since I was last sat in a Margaret Dabbs London chair and yet despite no upkeep on my part, my feet are still in great condition. I truly couldn’t recommend their services enough but until then, I’m afraid you are going to have to take your foot care into your own hands!

First up we have the super luxurious and indulgent Margaret Dabbs London Mother’s Day Luxurious Gift Set (£100 – link). This showstopper features 4 items that have been carefully selected to care and treat not only the hands and feet but also the legs and nails too. Think of it as a care package that will cater to all the little areas we all so often neglect. I rather enjoy that both the luxury hand and foot creams within this set are not only supersized (meaning they’ll last far longer) but also in pump-dispenser bottles for ease of use. The firming leg serum is nothing short of pampering, gently cooling and soothing aching legs (ideal for anyone who is constantly on their feet) and the anti-ageing hand serum is not only great for helping to prevent tell-tale signs of getting older but in general nourishing the hands, nails and cuticles.

Looking for something a little smaller? The Margaret Dabbs Special Moments Gift Set (£45 – link) ticks so many boxes: well-priced, full of wonderful self-care goodies, all of which are full sized. From nourishing hand and foot lotions to a nail & cuticle serum and glass nail file, this beautifully curated gift set contains all you need for an at home manicure and pedicure. This would also be my pick for anyone new to the brand or simply anyone who has yet to discover the joys of taking good care of your hands and feet.

Which ever set you chose to gift, be that to yourself or loved one, I am more than sure the recipient will be overjoyed with the contents!

You can shop both Margaret Dabbs Gift Sets and more here – link