The Incredible Impact of Deep Breathing & Yoga for Your Skin

We all deal with stress on some level in our lives, it’s a natural part of being a human being.

But it’s no secret that stress is not the greatest for your body, you’ll know simply by paying attention to how you feel during a heightened period of stress.

You may notice your heart beats faster than normal and your gut churns, but these are just a couple of symptoms, the list goes on!

Apart from not being the best for your health, did you know that stress also has a negative impact on your skin?

If you are super confused right about now then this article is for you! Or maybe you have noticed a few more pimples pop up when things feel challenging, but would love to understand why this happens, we’ll explain it all in this article!

Let’s talk about cortisol

Before we let you in on the amazing ways deep breathing can help to clear up your skin and make it glow with radiance, you need to understand why your skin is suffering in the first place.

When you are stressed your body is flooded with a stress hormone called cortisol. In small amounts this hormone is important for your health, from helping to lower blood pressure to reducing inflammation.

In high amounts, however, cortisol will actually increase internal inflammation contributing to many pesky skin problems from increased breakouts to even lines and wrinkles.

This is because cortisol actually increases sebum which increases your risk of breakouts and breaks down collagen which then increases your risk of aging. 

Let’s put that aside and focus on how deep breathing via a regular yoga practice can help!

Flushes toxins for healthier, happier skin

Deep breathing is a great way to stimulate lymph flow, which is essential for ensuring the body is able to flush out toxins on a regular basis. 

These toxins may manifest as skin issues, not to mention they may contribute to feelings of anxiety and stress. 

A deep breathing practice also helps to improve digestive health and a healthy gut is key to beautiful skin!

Helps to keep your lungs clear

Did you know that you can tell alot about what’s happening in your body by the area your pimples appear on your face?

Pimples on your cheeks are usually connected to the lungs and this is where deep breathing can really help!

Breathing deep from your belly can help to clear out the lungs by increasing oxygen which in turn helps to boost blood circulation for clearer, more radiant skin. This increased oxygen also aids in repairing skin tissue. 

Reduces internal inflammation

We mentioned a little further up the negative impact cortisol has on your body and how it can increase inflammation, but deep breathing works to counteract this by reducing inflammation. 

Deeper breaths mean less cortisol so keep that in mind next time something has you wanting to tear your hair out.

We hope this article has inspired you to make yoga or meditation a regular part of your lifestyle, your health and skin deserves it!

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