Yves Rocher Sensitive Camomille

Yves Rocher Sensitive Camomille

Yves Rocher has just released a new range for sensitive skin called the Sensitive Camomille and it is VEGAN! Well actually being a botanical brand they’re almost vegan (if you can accept beeswax) if not then the Sensitive Chamomille is their 1st all vegan skincare + free from silicone, mineral oil, alcohol, fragrance, and colorants. Another brownie point is the eco-designed packaging made of 100% recycled plastic GO GREEN! ♽

This sensitive range is here to comfort your skin and to make it stronger and more resilient to irritations. With 6 products available from cleansing to soothing, moisturizing, protecting, and correcting. I’ll be introducing what they are here in a nutshell and what are my thoughts as I use them.

wild organic chamomile from La Gacilly, France

🌼Being a botanical brand, it’s no surprise that they harvest their own ingredients right from France into their bottles. Their sensitive range is enriched with wild chamomile concentrate from the organic Chamomile fields in La Gacilly, France. The tiny white flowers may look dainty and small to you but looks could be deceiving as they pack a (powerful) natural ability to soothe and heal your skin leaving it soft, glowing, and with no sign of redness!

Sensitive Camomille range soothes and strengthens the skin helping to reduce the skin’s sensitivity and boost its defense.

Sensitive Camomille Cleansing Oil

Sensitive Camomille Corrective Green Cream 

reduce redness, even out skin tone
Sensitive Camomille Nourishing Comfort Balm

The Beauty Breakdown

I have dry sensitive skin so this will be easy for me to test. I will not be testing them for a month to write this as I wanted to make this as an introduction post only. To begin, the sensitive range has only six (6) products to-date in Malaysia. Three of them are cleansers alone! 
Texture Map (L – R)
Comfort Balm, Light Cream, Cleansing Cream, Corrective Green Cream, Cleansing Oil
(micellar water is basically liquid water)

🌼 Sensitive Camomille Cleansing Oil 150ml RM55

Suitable for sensitive skin and eyes effectively removes traces of makeup, even waterproof, without a greasy finish. The skin is soothed and nourished. Silky oil texture, without a greasy finish.
– 97% naturally-derived ingredients
– Silicone-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free 
– Recyclable bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

My review:
Good for double cleansing to remove makeup. This has a weird smell that I couldn’t pinpoint out. I am not thrilled with this due to the scent but it works to remove even stubborn waterproof makeup easily thanks to its watery oiliness. Kinda reminds me of mineral oil (but it is not, so don’t worry). There is a silky oil feeling after rinsing (though not greasy), which may irk some but this is a good barrier left behind to protect your skin from dryness. 
🌼 Sensitive Camomille Cleansing Cream 125ml RM46

The face cleansing cream cleanses skin without drying it out, effectively and gently removes makeup. The skin is soothed and nourished. For face, eyes, and lips.

– 98% naturally-derived ingredients
– sulfate-free, soap-free, silicone-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free
– dermatologically-tested and ophthalmologically-tested
My review:
I really like this cleansing cream! The fact that it doesn’t contain sulfates means it is gentle to the skin. You can use this in the double cleansing technique to remove makeup effectively. I can’t point out the scent, since this is fragrance-free, the scent is probably natural from the flower itself. The texture is like a melting cream (no foams) feels really good when you do lymphatic drainage massage on the face while cleansing. Calming, gentle and cleans my face without the tight and drying feeling A+

🌼 Sensitive Camomille Micellar Water 200ml RM46

This micellar water cleanses and effectively removes makeup and impurities in a single step. The skin is soothed. For face, eyes, and lips.
– 97% of naturally-derived ingredients
– Silicone free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free 
– Recyclable bottle made of 100% recycled plastic
– dermatologically-tested and ophthalmologically-tested

My review:
My least favorite product here. I’m not on the micellar water train yet, but this is somewhat like cleansing water? The watery and refreshing scent, this removes makeup, eye makeup, sunscreen. etc. Sorry, since I hardly wear makeup these days, I’m not sure if this will also remove waterproof makeup. I tested this and it made my skin feel tighter and stripped for some reason. Maybe it will be great for oil or combination skin type.

🌼 Sensitive Camomille Corrective Green Cream 40ml RM80
Green-colored cream that moisturizes & even out sensitive skin with visible redness. The green color is naturally obtained from Safflower and Gardenia flowers.

– 98% ingredients of natural origin
– Non-comedogenic formula
– Silicone free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free 
– Recyclable cardboard from sustainably managed forests
My review:
Wow actually this is my first time using a color correct skincare cream instead of a color-correcting green cosmetic cream (am I making sense here?). Over in the past when I was into makeup, I had green color correctors ready to even out the redness on my face so this skincare color corrector is something new to me! 

Somewhat like a color-correcting primer IMHO. A very light and moisturizing day cream. If this comes with SPF I would be so thrilled to use it as a light day moisturizer! For oily skin type, this is probably sufficient? My skin is dry so I still layer it with the Sensitive Camomille Soothing Light Cream. 

However I only used it a few times, and I read somewhere that you will need to use it regularly to see improvements in reducing the redness. For me, it did reduce but not great, it probably even out the redness on the surface. You think green is like paint, it is not lol. Once absorbed, you can’t see any signs of green.

The package says you can use it on its own or after day cream. I guess it makes sense to be after so your day cream doesn’t mess with the color correcting layer. The scent smells oddly like spirulina to me!

🌼 Sensitive Camomille Soothing Light Cream 50ml RM70
The face soothing light cream is convenient for sensitive, reactive, redness-prone skin.

– 98% ingredients of natural origin
– Silicone free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free
– Recyclable cardboard from sustainably managed forests
My review:
This is a very light day cream IMHO but great to be paired with the Corrective Green Cream. This helps to keep your sensitivity at bay in short (soothing tightness, prickling, and other sensations of discomfort). The scent is the same as the cleansing cream, a very faint scent mystery scent. The texture is light, almost watery cream, and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. 

🌼 Sensitive Camomille Nourishing Comfort Balm 50ml RM70
The nourishing comfort balm for the face is convenient for dry and sensitive skin, in need of comfort.
– 99% ingredients of natural origin.
– Silicone free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free
– Recyclable glass jar, recyclable cardboard from sustainably managed forests
My review:
This probably my favorite because my skin just loves the balming sensation like cushion protection on my skin. It makes my skin so comfortable and plumpy for some reason! I use this at night before I sleep as it’s rich balmy cream IMHO. The product says you can see immediate results in soothing tightness, prickling, and other sensations of discomfort (irritations?). 

The texture resembles a silky glue-like coagulated pudding that melts into a balmy layer upon application. Now because this isn’t a cream but a balm, you will definitely get a layer of barrier protection after applying it to your skin. This is normal for sensitive skincare creams as barrier protection is an important part of keeping the skin protected and safe. The balmy sensation disappears after a while. 

The scent is exactly like the calming cleanser and light cream which is the scent of Chamomile. Thank goodness it’s not strong because I don’t take to the scent of Chamomile sigh.

made from recycling packaging

All the products in this line are dermatologically tested, vegan, and are almost 99% naturally derived ingredients. The fact that they even used recycled packaging to show their green efforts is an A+ to me. The use of the caring properties of the Wild Chamomile makes this the key ingredient to roll out the sensitive range.

You can get the complete set which is always a good idea to pair all with the same key ingredient but it is missing your average toner, serums, etc. Which is probably a good idea to avoid as you want to keep skincare to the basic during sensitive moments to calm and comfort it as much.

Regularly use, will see results in improving skin comfort levels and reduce redness. If you would like to check the ingredients in-depth and the case study head over to Yves Rocher Malaysia Facebook for more information.

The Sensitive Chamomille is available online Shopee Hermo Lazada Zalora and at Yves Rocher flagship stores Midvalley, IOI City Mall, and Sunaway Pyramid. 

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